JSC “Mažųjų įmonių teisininkų agentūra” is the only company which provides legal services in Lithuania. Its activity‘s main principle is offering lawyers for rent for middle and small companies. This is a brand new service which is useful for employers, who seek efficiently reduce company’s costs. It is the unique ternary form of employment, when in labour relations participate temporary employing company, which pays salary for person, whom temporary transfers i.e. “rents out” for the another company, which needs the lawyer at that moment. Our offered services will help small and middle companies to reduce administrative load, related to personnel management, recruitment/dismissal procedures, wage and accounting for taxes, cost of maintaining of a workplace, as our company’s lawyers will provide You legal services from our office at a distance, and when needed lawyers will appear to Your company, court or any other institution to represent Your interests.


  • an opportunity to cooperate with a lawyer directly and solve long-term, short-term and one-off nature legal problems in the company efficiently;
  • an administrative load which is related to personnel management: recruitment/dismissal procedures, wage and accounting for taxes, cost of maintaining of a workplace, is reduced;
  • very beneficial for a company, when the company‘s lawyer is ill, when she is on maternity leave, parental leave, educational or annual leave;
  • when a company needs irregular legal services;
  • when a company needs only preventive legal consultation, which would prevent bigger problems for minimal costs;
  • a company does not have to spend time on looking for new company’s workers by carrying out selections;
  • companies which offer lawyers for rent deal with the selection of the concrete worker, recruitment and personnel document and wage accounting;
  • you are looking for additional workers, however you have scruples to employ them to work regularly because of uncertainty of business environment or variation of orders;
  • a company does not need advocate or assistant to represent in I and II court instances of a common competence in a right way, therefore Your costs for legal services will decrease more than a half;
  • a company reduces costs of a layer’s retention in a company on average up to 10 times;