Companies in their activity are constantly dealing with various contracts. The parties‘ rights and obligations are established in the contracts, the basics of contract performance, modification and termination, therefore a written contract is perhaps the most fundamental relationship between the parties, and the basis for further cooperation success. It is very important to prepare carefully contracts in order to avoid inconveniences and disputes in the future, because an unfair party of the contract may be interested not to perform or not properly perform contractual obligations, to delay its obligations or to abuse otherwise.

  • We prepare standard contracts and the contracts meeting individual needs, contracts for the purchase of sale of real estate and movable property, services (transportation, logistics, advertising, design, construction contracts and other services) contracts and their appendices;
  • The company‘s lawyers represent Clients in the negotiations for contracts, modification and termination;
  • We consult Clients on the issues of the parties‘ contractual rights and obligation issues, the results of contractual obligations breaches, contract invalidation issues;
  • We provide legal assessment of contracts, perform contract project analysis and correction, contractual provisions in compliance with the requirements of the law and the will of the parties;
  • We consult on the issues of contract execution assurance (mortgage, pledge, surety, deposit, etc.);
  • We represent in pre-trial and litigation disputes on the breach of contracts or improper performance, the invalidation of contracts.  
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