Corporate Law – it's a branch of business law, containing law standards which coordinates juridical relations of the activity of companies. Lawyers of our company have accumulated their extensive experience in big companies, as also in small and middle-sized enterprises, that is why they are always ready to help find a solution to all of your issues of concern.

  • We establish juridical persons of various interests;
  • We rearranging , reorganizing, removing juridical persons;
  • We consult our clients on issues of establishment and management of the enterprises, acquiring and merging enterprises, co-operated activity and mutual associations;
  • We consult on issues of changing data of enterprises and proceed necessary rearrangements in the documents (rules, regulations, ect.) related with rearranging address of the enterprise headquarters, entitlement, size of the authorized capital, structure of management, ect.
  • Supervision of the contracts of work , facilities and other agreements, assistance developing projects (arranging documents for public procurement, in the state of arrangement of the contract conclusions of law and notes are provided, writing of notifications, pretensions and papers, coordination of additional contracts);
  • Prevention of debts ( pre – trial control of debtors which is vital that the money as soon as possible would be regained from debtors without trial and without significant dispute);
  • In the negotiations with clients or other business partners, the representation in the name of the company together with the company‘s manager (participation in the negotiations, legal assessment of the negotiations content, notes, consultation, the provision of legal conclusion);
  • Disputes mediation process (this is a new service that enables to organize the meeting of the parties and to achieve a mutually beneficial solution by mutual concession without the court, when the dispute between the parties is already advanced, after evaluating all the circumstances);
  • We prepare internal documents of legal persons;
  • We arrange the meetings of shareholders of legal persons, partners, members and participants, the projects of agendas, draft decisions;
  • We advise companies that seek to avoid bankruptcy and restore the company‘s solvency, we represent the company‘s shareholders, creditors and debtors in the bankruptcy proceedings and dealing with the issues arising in the course;
  • We advise on stock transactions and other legal problems that may arise in Your business.  
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