Document preparation

Preparation of procedural documents – the company’s lawyers prepare different procedural documents of all instances of the courts in civil, industrial and administrative matters, i.e. claims, comments, replies, rejoinders, separate complaints, appeals and cassation complaints peace agreements, statements regarding the upgrade process.

The company's internal document preparation – we prepare all internal documents that are necessary in company’s activity, orders of individual and collective industrial agreements, rules, job description, material liability, non-competition, trade secrets and other non-proliferation agreements, as well as shareholders, partners, members and participants of meeting agendas and draft resolutions.

Arrangement of contracts – we arrange all kinds of contracts based on individual demands of the client:

  • Purchasing - selling, transferring, mortgage of the stocks;
  • Offering of the repayable facilities;
  • Distributions;
  • Factoring;
  • Franchises;
  • Co – operated activity;
  • Rent of habited/inhabited accommodations/vehicles/equipment;
  • Purchasing - selling;
  • Contracting/subcontracting;
  • Transportation;
  • Transfer of the law of requirement, ect.

Preparation of documents during the process of bankruptcy and restructuring – we arrange notifications due to procession of bankruptcy case, lawsuits due to challenge decisions of creditors meeting and to cancel the administrator of bankruptcy, we arrange plans of restructuring and other documents of bankruptcy and required papers for restructuring process.

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